Stone Broke Heiress is now an Amazon #1 bestseller!

I’ve been positively giddy with glee this November because my debut novel Stone Broke Heiress is officially an AMAZON #1 BESTSELLER!

I’m over the moon because topping a chart and also breaking the Kindle Top 100 feels like a massive achievement in the competitive world of books. There are so many incredible novels out there, so the idea of people choosing to read one that I wrote is the BEST feeling as a writer.

There’s no doubt it’s a challenge in this day and age for a debut author to build a readership. However, the support I’ve had over the last year has warmed my heart and spurred me on to keep writing and keep doing what I love, which is telling stories that I hope offer uplifting escapism from everyday life.

I can honestly say that every lovely review, every share on Instagram and every message or comment I read gives me the biggest boost. I’m so grateful to everyone who spends their hard-earned money and takes the time out of their busy lives to curl up with my book. So, I guess this post is more of a THANK YOU to my readers for making it happen. I am truly forever grateful. 

Danielle xx

Stone Broke Heiress